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Week 2 – Communication Tools – Google Wave

May 9, 2010 by Lynn   

Let me start by saying that the article on the SLAV Blog about Google Wave was really well written and  I strongly recommend that you read it if you haven’t already.  I certainly now have a  much better understanding of this new phenomenon.  I had heard about Google Wave and seen posts on various blogs referring to it and/or begging for invites  but until now was unsure of how it would be used.  It is currently in ‘limited preview’ and you still need to be invited to access the site.  The videos posted on the SLAV Blog above and on the Google Wave overview page explain how it can be used as a real-time communication and collaboration tool.  It is also a powerful global networking tool – imagine hosting a meeting and tossing up ideas to be discussed where you don’t all have to be in the same room or even the same country!   I hosted a meeting at my school recently and when writing up the Minutes of the meeting I tried to be as succinct as possible over discussions that were held about various agenda items.  I wanted those members who were unable to attend to get an understanding of how decisions were reached.  Imagine using Google Wave and being able to ‘attend’ the meeting and pick up the history of the ‘thread’ without interrupting the conversation.  Is this the end to writing minutes of meetings for me?  I like the thought of being able to work on one set of documents, ensuring that everyone is ‘on the same page’ and thereby ensuring there are no misunderstandings from lost emails or post-conversations.  This is definately something I will be keeping tags on as it develops further and I hear of more people using it.  Perhaps my invitation is ‘in the mail’ – I’d certainly like to crash this party!

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  1. slav says:

    You have some really good ideas about ways to implement technology and I am loving reading them all. I will send you a Google Wave invite.

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