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Week 2 – Communication Tools – Ning

May 9, 2010 by Lynn   

I’ve joined the VicPLN Ning and the group set up by Bev Novak within the Ning for Secondary schools. I have joined Nings in the past when signing up for conferences but have almost always been an ‘observer’. I like the ‘community’ set-up of the Ning and whilst completing this weeks’ tasks I’ve been wondering if we could setup a Ning in place of the current staff library website. Obviously something I will need to discuss with colleagues and a future Ning project perhaps. I’d be interested in hearing about and seeing some Nings that are used amongst staff in schools. Would a Ning like this work?  (Further note to self – explore this aspect in the Term 2 break and get back on task for now!)

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  1. slav says:

    Great that Bev and others have set up groups. The ning is evolving really nicely and that is thanks to the time and effort put in by everyone. Nings can also be useful for older students to share ideas/information re certain subjects.

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