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Week 3 – Professional Learning – Part B

May 16, 2010 by Lynn   

So what have I learnt this week after completing Week 3 of the PLN Project on Professional Learning – just how supportive you all are when we have only just ‘met’.  Thank you to everyone who helped me out earlier this week when my computer had a ‘mini meltdown’ resulting in me losing my blog subscriptions, tweet followers, and gmail account. 


I was unable to attend Anne Mirtschin’s Elluminate session ‘live’ but did watch the session later than evening at home.  I do wonder how a live Elluminate session will work at my library now as we have changed ISP this week and I have watched previous sessions at home.  I’ll soon find out.  I like being able to attend PD in my own time (sorry family!) and the fact that I can re-watch sessions at my own pace.  It was also good to see much happening on Twitter after the event as well. 

I will certainly be promoting lots of these PD resources to staff at my school in my ICTuesday sessions.   I’m sure they will love the TED Talks – they are bound to find a few unusual and inspiring talks there to use with classes.  Access to the Australia series and other Learn Central sessions are also great PD tools to share amongst colleagues.  I would like to promote the State Library of Victoria’s Programs and Events, especially the ‘ergo’ site, once more amongst our staff. 

It is very hard to rank my top ‘professional learning’ tool this week but I do think that the Elluminate webinars, whether they be via Learn Central, Australia Series, or other links are very hard to go past.  They are available to anyone, easy to refer to, and allow everyone to get as involved as they feel comfortable.


  1. Judith says:

    The seemingly never ending list of Elluminate Webinars via LearnCentral certainly means that there is something for everyone and I hope your colleagues at school gain as much insight and understanding as you have.

    Love hearing about your new PLN buddies being so supportive!

  2. Celia says:

    Hi Lynn
    Bumped into you at Jenny Luca’s Elluminate session on Google Docs. They are a great way to learn aren’t they. I admire the Jenny Luca’s and Anne Mirtchins of the world

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