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Monday ESCape

July 14, 2010 by Lynn   

Yes, I know it’s Wednesday today but it’s been a hectic week and it ain’t over yet!  Jenny Luca this week spoke about taking time out from social networking over the recent school holidays and how good it was to spend time with her family – something we all agree on no doubt.  The first day of a new term is always busy as you get into the swing of things, catch up on news, meet new staff and students, and generally pick up from where you left off two weeks ago.  But do you also get the feeling that perhaps you’ve forgotten something, or missed something, and that perhaps next time you’ll write it in your diary and check it!

Perhaps this is why dinosaurs are extinct!

Perhaps this is why dinosaurs are extinct!

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  1. Judith says:

    It is often difficult to be on top of everything and two weeks of relaxation (oh, okay, two weeks away from school) sometimes means (to me at least) a brain block for a day or two when I return!

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