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Week 12 – Digital Story – Part 1

August 2, 2010 by Lynn   

Well the end has come and it’s almost time to say goodbye but I’m not going to!  I’ve had a wonderful time completing this PLN Program and have ‘met’ some wonderful people during the past 12 weeks.  I am going to continue writing this blog – it’s become addictive.

I have learnt so much and not just how much is out there waiting for us to discover and explore.  I’ve also learnt how knowledgeable you all are and how willing you are to share at times of crisis (when I had a ‘laptop’ meltdown and then got stuck with ’embedding’). 

I’ve learnt that there are only 24hours in a day and 7days in a week – I can’t spend all of them Elluminating even if I really want to go to everything – and especially when I’ve managed to get others enthused about them too (must start to go incognito so I don’t get a reputation for attending the opening of an envelope!)

 I have also rediscovered a love of learning and sharing with others through my blog (I don’t always plan what to put up here as you can probably tell) – I love the feedback no matter what.  I have gained so much more confidence from writing this and also being a part of a wonderful network.  It has led to me doing regular PD sessions for staff on new (to them and me sometimes) online tools. 

The wiki that I created for sharing with our staff has also led to other departments wanting to create their own and I am doing a PD session tomorrow in preparation for our Ultranet day next Monday.   This day will also incorporate some time for departments to spend as a group working on wikis.  They will decide what pages are needed and the information that goes up on them.  The ‘Wellbeing Team’ has already started with information about the team and links to documents and information sessions for parents and students.  One of our maths teachers has started  a blog with her year 7 class (and they love it); another has started a wiki (it’s still to take off but the outline is there); one of the SOSE teachers uses a wiki with all his classes to varying success (in terms of discussion /participation).  Tomorrow the English staff will get a start on theirs and are thinking about having pages for teachers working in each year level, together with links to relevant text information, minutes of their department meetings, etc. (we’ll see what they have decided tomorrow.)

The Part 1 in my title does mean that there is more to come here.  I am putting together a short presentation to staff on Web2.0 for Monday and hope to get someone to film it – so if all goes to plan I will put that up next week together with the presentation.  My problem is what to include and what to leave out – so much to choose from and even more after being at the SLAV Conference on Friday!

In the meantime thanks for listening, thanks for your support, thanks for caring and most importantly thanks for sharing.


  1. slav says:

    It is so wonderful to read that you are spreading the news and converting people to social media. You’ve done such a brilliant job. Congratulations.

  2. novanews says:

    I can’t wait to see your presentation next week! And I also look forward to continue reading your vibrant chatty posts!

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