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Week 12 – Digital Story – Part 2

August 12, 2010 by Lynn   

Well as promised here is part two of my final week in the SLAV Personal Learning Network Program (intake 1 for 2o10).  I was asked to do a presentation about Web2.0 for our staff during the ‘Ultranet’ training day – plan B!  I was very nervous and thank goodness the first few minutes of the taping are missing but I soon got on a roll (must remember not to wave my hands so much if there’s a next time!) 

In putting the presentation together I tried to look at how I could link Web2.0 to our school motto of “Protect, Nurture, Grow” and also incorporate alot of what I had learnt during the program.  I spent quite a bit of time trying to keep it within 30 minutes but went a little longer (sorry Russell).  I was quite pleased with the result and had lots of positive feedback from our staff.   There have been lots of requests for up-coming ICTuesday PD sessions which is great and I made sure to ‘plug’ the ‘Sharing eLearning at MESC’ that I created earlier in the program.  A number of departments have now created their own wikis to share information amongst staff within their departments, as well as some classroom wikis happening – I did tell them that they can be addictive once you get started!

I’ve included some snapshots and the slideshare presentation here for your comments.

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PNG with Web2.0 17m 18sPNG with Web2.0 29m 35s

PNG with Web2.0 16m 36s


  1. slav says:

    Love it! Congratulations. Perhaps I can feature on Bright Ideas down the track?

  2. Penny says:

    Hi Lynn are doing such a great job of educating others about web technologies. Staff at your school are fortunate to have you!

    PS I just found you on the Edublogs Directory!

  3. novanews says:

    A fantastic effort Lynn! You are doing so much – seemingly all at once! I am in awe of your achievements in sharing your knowledge. Well done. And … Penny’s comment above sent me on a search for the Edubloggers Directory. I couldn’t resist – I joined too!! You may also want to consider The Teacher’s Hub: which I found along the way.

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