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Copyright is alright!

October 22, 2010 by Lynn   

If you ever get the chance to attend an Australian Copyright Council training session then just do it!!   Ian McDonald, a lawyer working with the ACC, is such a dynamic speaker and so knowledgeable about what to many appears to be such a dry and complicated topic.  I’ve attended some of these training sessions in the past and like to attend every couple of years to refresh my knowledge and also to ensure that the information I pass on to staff in my school is as up-to-date as possible.  Ian often spends his morning tea break fielding questions from the audience and is more than happy to answer as many as possible.  I attended sessions on new education technologies (Learning Management Systems and Content Management Systems, ClickView, Moodle, etc.), the ‘flexible dealing’ Section 200AB (especially useful for anyone working in educational institutions), websites and web2.0.  There were lots of handy tips on how to deal with ‘3rd party’ material that you may wish to upload and also how to ensure that ‘moral rights’ as well as ‘copyright’ issues are dealt with when downloading material.  On both days I was also fortunate enough to expand my learning network and gain some insights on how a university and another secondary school deals with copyright, as well as meeting an online publisher setting up her own blog (this is a plug –  I’m all set to put my notes to keyboard and shoot off an email to all our staff reminding them, and their students that copyright is alright!

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  1. Penny says:

    Hi Lynn
    thank’s for sharing this information. These issues are so important for us to keep tabs on.

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