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2011 A new beginning (or an old one revised!)

February 14, 2011 by Lynn   

It seems that every year I endeavour to be a bit better organised in order to get off to a seamless start in the library but inevitably something happens, or in my case doesn’t and changes all my plans! Nothing too drastic just things not turned on, broken, not available, not arrived, not done.   Anyway after a few extra days holiday and 3 days of meetings/PD, I spent Friday catching up on catching up, and the weekend trying to get plan ahead and I now have a very, very long list of tasks to complete this week – oh well only  27 days to my long awaited girls weekend in Sydney!!!

This year I am part of a Professional Learning Team completing an action research project with Year 7 students.  We have developed a number of ideas that we would like to trial with them and they are all based on the theme of a journey.  I had a wonderful time brainstorming ideas with others in the group over the holidays (with lunches and cappuccino of course) and we are now set to start this journey ourselves.  We have called our group ‘PORTIA’ and this acronym comes from the following (based on the Habits of Mind)

P – Persistance

O – Organisation

R – Respect

T – Teamwork

I – Independence

A – Aspiration


My task is to work with the students during their ROK Reading Program and also to develop and maintain the Ultranet Design Space that we will use as our staff collaboration tool.  I have created a library orientation quiz (treasure hunt style in which they have to match a number, located on a piece of equipment or in an area of the library, and answer a question about it).  I’m excited about how it goes and hope it will be a bit more engaging for the students than me just standing in front of them talking.  

I also managed to fit in this library display for ‘Library Lovers Day’  Monday 14th February – the hearts on the wall have quotes about libraries/reading/books –  have a great week and love your library!!!

Library Lovers Day Table 2011Library Lovers Day Wall 2011Library Lovers Day 2011


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