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May 14, 2011 by Lynn   

Term 1 of our PORTIA journey culminated in a successful landing with the parents of our students being most impressed on presentation evening. The students worked well to produce their findings in both a digital and static format with the nine day time frame. During this time they not only had to research their topic (relating to the history of the College and surrounding community) but also learn how to use a new presentation tool (we tried to steer them away from powerpoints) with many using Animoto, Google Sketchup, Window MovieMaker, and similar online tools.

Term 2 of the journey began last week when the two classes (this PORTIA action research project involves 2 classes of Year 7 students) received their very own netbooks. The allocation of netbooks is a pilot program within PORTIA and we shall be looking at how they can be utilised to provide a differentiated curriculum to these students. Netbooks will be used at both home and school by the students for the rest of this year and our findings will be recorded within the Ultranet design space for the project. We have a planning meeting on Monday night (our dinner meetings can be quite fun and much more rewarding sometimes than those held in a rush at lunchtimes!)

I am becoming quite proficient in the use of the Ultranet having set up a Collaborative and Design spaces now, as well as experimenting with my own Express Space. There are lots of tips to be found via the Twitter feed #Ultranet and a great bunch of ‘peeps’ to help answer any questions too. I have been asked to co-present at an Ultranet workshop this month on the use of Collaborative Spaces within the Ultranet and will also be attending a workshop on Community Spaces next month (the next step in my Ultranet learning).

I’m lucky to work with a great team of people who value my knowledge and support my digital learning journey.


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