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May 22, 2011 by Lynn   

The DEECD Ultranet has taken hold at Mount Eliza Secondary College this term with our Ultranet coach inservicing students and staff each Tuesday afternoon.  As the coach is based in the library over lunchtime it’s been a great opportunity for me to ask questions and improve my understanding of the Ultranet.  I have spent quite alot of time navigating my way around, with very little formal training, and feel quite confident in it’s use now.  Not to say that I know everything there is about this, there are always changes, updates, upgrades and things I never thought possible to be discovered.  It can also be frustrating as I do not have full access to all spaces (Learning Tasks for students) as I am not a teaching staff member.  However, I have been able to create ‘spaces’ in both the Design and Collaborative areas for use by staff and students alike.

I have mentioned the Portia Design Space before and the new MESC Online Library (transferred from our old Library website) is gaining members as I continue to add and refine pages.  This will hopefully continue to grow as more students are logged on the Ultranet and introduced to the various features.  I am now about to help with the creation of some collaborative class spaces for Year 7 students. 

This week I was also a guest presenter at an Ultranet workshop on Collaborative Spaces (held at Belvedere Primary School, Seaford on Thursday 19th May) for teachers.  The workshop was an opportunity for participants to find out about some spaces that have been created already and how they are being used.  It was also a great opportunity for me to showcase my work to date and show how education support staff can assist teachers and students within the Ultranet.

I’m looking forward to attending, and participating in, a workshop on creating Community Spaces next month and getting my teeth into a new project.


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