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  1. Week 10 – Gaming for Learning

    July 18, 2010 by Lynn

    Gaming for learning and for many other things as well according to the articles and posts this week. 

    Jane McGonigal spoke about having “epic wins” by utilising “collaborative online environments” via games such as World of Warcraft.  These often put players (students) on the same level with the same values and same rules, forming bonds and trust where this often would not happen out in the ‘real’ world.  How many ‘loners’ do you see at lunchtime who come to the library to sit in separate areas and read.  Yet put them on a computer next to another student playing the same game and they are engaging with each other about scores, strategies, and new sites.  Image what could happen if we were able to get the ’21 billion people playing a game that matters to save the world’ as Jane suggested – I wouldn’t be surprised if Jane didn’t come up with it herself.

    I must admit that this week’s topic was not one that I was particularly interested in at first, but after reading the articles, then listening to the Elluminate presentation (sorry I wasn’t able to make the live session) and following some of Rhonda’s links from the Ning I feel more comfortable and informed about the use of gaming in the classroom. 

    Some of our teachers are already using games within their classrooms within programs such as ‘Mathletics’ and ‘Stop Disasters’.  I have to admit that we have always resisted allowing students to ‘play’ online games in the library and direct them to a ‘computer games club’ run at lunchtimes by a couple of teachers.  I shall pass on many of these links to our teachers, as they look at how to ‘engage’ their own students and create ‘integrated classrooms’ and ‘enriching curriculums’. 

    Now I’m off to play with my ‘Galaxy Invader 1000’, which generated much discussion at a recent family gathering and cries of  “I remember playing with that when…”  and  “my turn next” amongst not only the children but adults too!

    Galaxy Invader 1000

  2. Week 2 – Communication Tools – Google Wave

    May 9, 2010 by Lynn

    Let me start by saying that the article on the SLAV Blog about Google Wave was really well written and  I strongly recommend that you read it if you haven’t already.  I certainly now have a  much better understanding of this new phenomenon.  I had heard about Google Wave and seen posts on various blogs referring to it and/or begging for invites  but until now was unsure of how it would be used.  It is currently in ‘limited preview’ and you still need to be invited to access the site.  The videos posted on the SLAV Blog above and on the Google Wave overview page explain how it can be used as a real-time communication and collaboration tool.  It is also a powerful global networking tool – imagine hosting a meeting and tossing up ideas to be discussed where you don’t all have to be in the same room or even the same country!   I hosted a meeting at my school recently and when writing up the Minutes of the meeting I tried to be as succinct as possible over discussions that were held about various agenda items.  I wanted those members who were unable to attend to get an understanding of how decisions were reached.  Imagine using Google Wave and being able to ‘attend’ the meeting and pick up the history of the ‘thread’ without interrupting the conversation.  Is this the end to writing minutes of meetings for me?  I like the thought of being able to work on one set of documents, ensuring that everyone is ‘on the same page’ and thereby ensuring there are no misunderstandings from lost emails or post-conversations.  This is definately something I will be keeping tags on as it develops further and I hear of more people using it.  Perhaps my invitation is ‘in the mail’ – I’d certainly like to crash this party!

  3. Week 2 – Communication Tools – Ning

    May 9, 2010 by Lynn

    I’ve joined the VicPLN Ning and the group set up by Bev Novak within the Ning for Secondary schools. I have joined Nings in the past when signing up for conferences but have almost always been an ‘observer’. I like the ‘community’ set-up of the Ning and whilst completing this weeks’ tasks I’ve been wondering if we could setup a Ning in place of the current staff library website. Obviously something I will need to discuss with colleagues and a future Ning project perhaps. I’d be interested in hearing about and seeing some Nings that are used amongst staff in schools. Would a Ning like this work?  (Further note to self – explore this aspect in the Term 2 break and get back on task for now!)

  4. Week 2 – Communication Tools – Twitter

    May 9, 2010 by Lynn

    I was first alerted to Twitter about 2 years ago when two colleagues returned from an eLearning conference and told me about the new ‘it’ tool to use on the internet – well I signed up thinking that we’d ‘twitter’ amongst ourselves and not much else happened!   However this year it seems that Twitter is on everyone’s lips and even more so over the last few weeks after the Catherine Deveney/Logies issue. I do like the format of TweetDeck but will stick to the iGoogle ‘Twitter gadget’ for now – I am still able to ‘list’ followers and identify members of the VicPLN using this. I found the readings this week very informative (note to self -don’t get too distracted by links and stay on task!) and I listed three ideas from the article ‘100 ways to teach with Twitter’ which I could see being good starting points in classes – “Time Tweet” (choosing a character from history, creating a profile for them and ‘tweeting’ in the style and vocabulary of that character); “Micro Write” (progressive collaborative writing of a ‘story’ over a period of time); and “Twitter Pals” (Twitter ‘pen pals’ find out about their culture, hobbies, friends, family, etc.). The other use I could see is perhaps as a tool in place of email for the ClickView exchange network that I belong to – I’d be interested to hear from anyone else in the CV network as to whether we could ‘tweet’ when requesting programs instead of email?

  5. Week 2 – PLN Development

    May 9, 2010 by Lynn

    Early last year I attended the SLAV conference ‘Perspective on Learning V2’ at which guest presenter Will Richardson encouraged the audience to “dip your toes into Web2.0” during his presentation ‘Network literacy: building passionate learners’ which is available online.  This re-ignited my enthusiam for learning more about a range of social networking tools including Twitter and Nings. I setup my iGoogle page and experimented with a variety of gadgets (widgets) and started my blog ‘Library Lynn’ – having an ‘annus horribilis’ in 2009 also meant having some extra time at home to do this.  I’ve enjoyed connecting with new people and re-connecting with old friends through this PLN over the past two weeks.  However I am finding it hard to do any VicPLN reading during work time and I have also been very busy with after school meetings and activities.  It’s now Sunday evening and I’m furiously trying to catch up before Week 3 work arrives on Tuesday.  So with flowers and wine on bench, licorice bag nearby and Cliff Richard music in my ears (in between listening to PLN links of course) and all thanks to my lovely daughter – I’m more than happy this Mother’s Day evening !   And “yes Marion”, I’m definately very task orientated!

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