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  1. Week 4 – Learning and Teaching Tools 1b

    May 24, 2010 by Lynn

    This week went so quickly with so much to explore that I feel I’ve only just touched the surface of many of these resources and will need to spend alot more time on fully exploring them before I can see their true potential. 

    The use of eBooks is a growing issue and according to this article  I appear to be in the right category for using one!  I would be interested in finding out more about how other school libraries are using them.  We have purchased a Kindle and many staff have borrowed it prior to deciding whether to purchase their own.  I do like the portability of it and the ease of downloading content (albeit Amazon books) but there is still nothing like the smell and touch of a page in your book.  I’m also quite happy to lend one of my books to friends, but would not lend my entire collection at once by giving them my Kindle!

    Moodle is an open source learning management system that supports learning communities with a range of activies and resources.  A great starting point, for smaller school communities, into the world of ICT with a fabulous array of learning tools.  There are some great activities to engage students in their learning and bring some fun into the classroom.

    Evernote is an organisational tool which allows you to ‘save ideas, things you see and things you like’ when browsing on your computer.  You are then able to find them again, from any computer or device that you use.  Information can be categorized and index for ease of use – bit like an online filing cabinet only smaller!  Definately a tool that I would use along with Wallwisher.

  2. Week 4 – Learning and Teaching Tools 1a

    May 24, 2010 by Lynn

    What a busy week this has been for learning – lots of new resources too. 

    FUSE – Learning and teaching content and will obviously have to spend a lot more time exploring it’s many resources. 

     Google Sites (creating websites) is not something that I would use but I could perhaps see it as being a useful tool for family wanting to share information (wonder if I could re-do the family tree using this now I think about it – something to explore). 

    Google Docs was very interesting and something that I’m keen to use more, especially if it means I can forget about learning Excel! I was fortunate to attend Jenny Luca’s Elluminate session this week about Google Docs and this really helped in my understanding of how it can be used and I also gained some new ‘friends’ who were also attending. 

    Google for Educators is another site to show staff,  Google Earth and Google Maps are used already but Google Lit Trips is a great idea.  

    Flickr I have used before for sourcing images (particularly Creative Commons images) but this time I uploaded a few photos as well. 

    Wallwisher, Gliffy, and Essay Map were all new to me but I can see myself using some of these straight away.  I had fun showing them to some students today and  will also show them in one of my ICTuesday sessions for staff.

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