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  1. Week 5 – Digital Citizenship

    May 27, 2010 by Lynn

    Digital Citizenship this week has certainly sparked alot of interest judging by the number of us attending the Elluminate session (74 at one point) and the number of blog posts already going up.    I know I’m on to this week’s work earlier than usual and checking through all the links that have been provided in the PLN work.  I have already asked the ICT Co-ordinator to put a review of our ‘computer use policy’ on next week’s ICT Committee agenda and I’m going to provide a list of links for them to also look at. 

    Just as there is so much out there on the web to be used, and abused, so there are many sites on cyber safety – deciding which to use and share with staff/students/parents is going to be hard.   I do believe that one of the first things we need to re-look at is getting schools and parents working together on this issue.  We did have a presentation for parents on this issue about 2 years ago, but when you look at just how far and fast technology has progressed then I think it is probably timely to think about another presentation.  Again something to put on the upcoming agenda.

    I remember photocopying and pinning up lots of ‘copyright notices’ to be placed near the photocopiers many years ago and some are still there.  But how many of our students actually read and understand them?  The Smart Copying site is fantastic for schools in gaining an understanding of copyright in schools and I’ve always been able to direct staff there when they have any queries.  Marco Torres video about using copyrighted music in videos was interesting (once I’d got past the first two minutes about how he arrived in Australia!) and one I could pass on to the VET Music students whom I usually talk to about copyright issues.

    Before trying to incorporate any of these ideas into classes I think we first need to be incorporating them into our Staff Meetings – I don’t know about you but we find it hard sometimes to get items on the schedule as meeting agendas have often been ‘mapped’ out weeks in advance and are ‘set in concrete’ – but worth pursuing on this issue.  In the meantime I’ll educate with emails and links!

    Well I’m digital citizenshipped out for tonight and shall relax with a cuppa in front of some ‘schmaltz’ on tv with the family – it’s Glee night!!

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