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  1. Week 6 – Learning and Teaching Tools 2

    June 7, 2010 by Lynn

    It’s been a busy week outside the library with mid-year exams, work experience, careers program, and report writing about to start, and a busy week of PLN learning as well.  So many resources to assess this week and to find a favourite was very hard – where to start?

    Digital Learning Objects in FUSE – overwhelming with an a-z of resources from Aaron Baddeley to Mabo to Zart Art

    Edmodo – similar to the DayMap LMS tool we currently use and perhaps what the Ultranet will be providing for us?

    TeacherTube, edublogs tv, YouTube – who has time to watch television when you have access to these resources

    iTunesU – ingenious way of getting information out to students who are ‘on the go’ – perhaps whilst tackling the weekly ironing I should be listening to “Italian for beginners” instead of Cliff Richard on my ipod!

    Shelfari and LibraryThing – for the likes of me who are always lending out books and forgetting who has them – not a good idea when your daughter wants to read it – now who did borrow that copy of “Alice I have been”?

    100 Incredible and Educational Virtual Tours You Don’t Want to Miss, eField trips, Google Lit Trips – maybe I’ll empty the ‘world trip’ piggybank and buy some chocolate to eat as I work my way through all these from the comfort of home, especially after the tour of Hershey’s.  I did keep checking back on the cranberry bog ‘livecam’ but not much happening this time of year and I always thought they grew on bushes like berries!

    Poll Daddy, Google Forms, Survey Monkey – currently working on a survey on the use of ‘Wikis, Nings & Blogs in the Classroom’  – really had to get the thinking cap on with this one with help from fellow PLN’er and psychology teacher (ie survey expert) Marion and trial a couple of versions ourselves – will post a separate blog/twitter with the link shortly.

    Digital Learning Objects and Virtual Excursions from the SLV – suitable for subjects from Art to Medieval History to Science – hang on must remember to save some chocolate when previewing these too!

    So which was my favourite discovery of the week – well I’d have to say the virtual tours (all of them) which took me to other worlds both in time and distance, and all for the price of a chocolate bar!  Another rewarding week of learning and teaching.

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