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  1. New beginnings

    September 2, 2014 by Lynn

    I originally started blogging 4 years ago when completing the State Library of Victoria PLN program which ignited my inquisitiveness about new technologies and how they could be integrated into the classroom (and library).   I continued to blog about my journey with a school-based project ‘PORTIA’ and my ‘ULTRANET’ experiences until 2012.

    The past 18 months has been one of ups and downs for me with many challenges and changes to be overcome – new school administration, relocation of the library to a smaller space, gathering of class resources from around the school (as new ‘learning areas’ were created), overseeing the revamping of an attached old locker bay into a ‘Learning Hub’ (meeting space) with teaching resources, and all completed as the library staffing was also downsized to one (me)!

    So my time lately has been taken up with creating a library space which students want to come into and which is still seen as the ‘hub’ of the school for many staff.  I have spent many hours moving shelves, books, cataloguing and re-cataloguing (with lots still to be done as more resources find their way ‘home’), setting up displays and keeping our online resources running.   I also started a ‘student library monitors’ program for Year 7 and 8 students who help with displays, processing new resources, borrowing, shelving, etc.  They are enthusiastic, keen, love the library and their roles (quick to dob in anyone doing the wrong thing), and also help promote reading at assemblies and with newsletter reports.  Oh and did I say that I also created a new library website (which I need to update already), help with the College magazine, edit a quarterly past students newsletter, set up an online book club ‘Between Covers Book Club’ via Inside a Dog (only last week, so needs more promotion),  facilitate two ‘ClickView’ groups,  manage the school website, Facebook and Twitter accounts, assist with all sorts of ‘odd’ requests which seem to find their way to me, and somehow I’m managing to stay sane through it all!

    At the same time I have tried to keep up with my own personal digital learning and whilst it hasn’t always been ‘hands on’ I have been aware of how much it has changed so quickly – thank goodness for my online connections via Twitter, Facebook and blogs, and my network face-to-face meetings. Seriously it sounds ridiculous when I look back over the past 18months and no wonder the time has flown by!!

    I now have an opportunity to take on a new challenge and get back into the digital learning area at my school as we embark on the introduction of BYOD iPad devices for our Year 7-10 students.  We are also introducing a new lesson planning tool, ‘myEd App’, which will change the way many staff deliver their lessons.  I will be amongst a core group of staff who are embarking on some training this week and shall be coming up with a session for students on copyright.  I’ve been revisiting some earlier work I did within classes and looking at how I can deliver it in a different way via the ‘myEd App’.

    Thank you to Corrie Barclay who has generously shared his knowledge recently, pointed me towards many online resources, and encouraged me to share this journey via my own blog.  So watch out for me on Twitter @swannelllynn, pardon my many questions, queries and thank you all for connecting and sharing your wisdom to people like myself who have ‘followed’ in the background envious at what you are achieving.   It’s going to be a new beginning with #excitingtimes ahead and I just hope I can keep up…oh well after all what are holidays for!

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  2. Penguin PD Day

    April 19, 2011 by Lynn

    On Tuesday 29th March I, along with about 150 other people, attended a professional develolpment day hosted by the Penguin Group at The Wheeler Centre in Melbourne. The day was listed as “a fun and informative day full of special guests, books and resources” and certainly lived up to this. The first presenter was Dr Susan La Marca (amongst other things editor of Viewpoint and SLAV’s FYI) who spoke about the units of work that she has created for the Secondary Classroom (also available to us on CD) based on a number of novels currently available. Susan spoke of four books in particular ‘Thai-riffic’ (more on this later, ‘Big River, Little Fish’, ‘The Reluctant Fundamentalist’ and ‘Between Shades of Grey’ – giving us ideas on themes, activities, focus areas and assessment tasks. The CD contains 36 units of work in total and judging by the information given to us on these four the rest should be just as engaging.

    Tony Palmer (author of ‘Break of Day’ and ‘Valley of Blood and Gold’) then chatted about his work as an author, and illustrator prior to this, giving us an insight in his research into background material for his books.

    Cam Salton (Pearson’s English publisher and former teacher himself) spoke about “The Australian Curriculum – what does it mean for you?” – directing us to the ACARA website for updates and for a selection of resources.

    The fourth presenter of the day was Tye Cattanach, who presented two sessions – “Developing a Reading Culture” and “iPads, E-Readers and Electronic Whiteboards – new technolgies for encouring reading”. Tye is the Library Manager at Manor Lakes P-12 Specialist College where they are fortunate to be part of a number of 1:1 new technology trials through the DEECD. She has also been responsible for implementing the use of iPads and other new technologies to encourage reader engagement at her college and she spoke of this in more detail. Book trailers are used extensively and students are encouraged to create and share their own – sites such as ‘Book trailers for all’ and the ‘Center for digital storytelling’ were some of those mentioned. Tye spoke of how the use of iPads as eReaders were a great choice for engaging students as they could be used for text exploration (dictionary, zoom, notes), changing font settings, etc. catered for student abilities, visually exciting and interactive (student engagement), they are also portable bookshelves. (I did speak further with Tye at the end of the day regarding the iPads in more detail where she explained the downloading issues onto the iPads and also some of the sites she uses to source eBooks – I have collated this information together with information from other sources to be put on the ‘Sharing eLearning at MESC’ wiki.

    Oliver Phommavanh (author of ‘Thai-riffic’ mentioned earlier) was our entertaining final presenter of the day. Oliver delighted us all with his stories of growing up as a member of a Thai family in Sydney with many of these antics making it into his first novel. Oliver is not only an author but also a primary school teacher and comedian whose first novel is certainly one to make all students laugh – and me too!

  3. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

    December 14, 2010 by Lynn

    Well we’re nearly at the end of term (yes I know some of you are well and truly finished but…) and only a few more ‘get-ups’ to go!  I can’t believe that I’ve neglected my blog for yet another month and I think my New Year’s resolution will be to get back on track with my blogging.  It’s been a hectic few weeks as students finish off their classes, orientation days and subject choices.  During this time we’ve also fitted in some library re-arranging, painting, weeding, new signage and office cleaning.  There’s also been work on the Ultranet and a new website in progress, ROK  Awards (our Year 7 reading program), overdue notices, interview panels, assemblies and we still have our usual Year 7 & 8 students each morning and lunchtime to attend to.  We’ve also managed to fit in some fun, with the daily quizzes over our coffee and occasional treats, and organising some Christmas dinners/lunches/catch-ups!   All together an extremely busy 4 weeks to finish off the term.  I’m sure many of you could match me and also up the ante with the many tasks that we endeavour to get finished before officially clsoing the library.

    Enjoy this Christmas message using iphones and ipads (courtesy of a friend on Facebook) and I hope you all have a wonderfully refreshing break no matter how you spend it.

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