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  1. Week 9 – What Comes First, Pedagogy or Technology?

    June 28, 2010 by Lynn

    I think Anna Maria Menezes summed up my thoughts on this week’s activities, and indeed the whole PLN program, when she said “you can only decide which is the best webtool to reach a certain goal once you have explored the many tools available”.  The ‘technological revolution’ (Assn of Ind. Schools Qld newsletter) we are in the midst of is our own ‘industrial revolution’ – I too remember the purple ink of the gestetners at school, getting my 16mm licence when doing my first Library Technician’s Certificate, using a slide show(and I mean real slides) to present an assignment when I went on to do the Associate Diploma, and then having to grapple with the advent of web-based courses when going on to do my B. Arts (Library & Info Science) at Charles Sturt University – all in the last 25 years too!  I’m still learning, I’m still keen to learn and I want to (in fact can’t wait sometimes) to share this learning with others.

    Our Mount Eliza Cluster of schools has been involved in ‘The 4C Thinker Program” for a number of years now and  the website  was developed “as a resource for teachers who want their students to become dynamic thinkers in an ever changing world” – critical, creative, caring, competent.

    I am fortunate in that there are staff at my school who are just as keen as me to introduce new technologies into the classroom.  I received an email mid-class from one staff member last week “Lynn, what’s that new presentation thingy (animoto) you showed me the other day – I want to tell my kids about it – what else can they use instead of powerpoint – I want to tell them now?”  Of course I emailed back straight away with a range of presentation tools that could be used – luckily I was at the my desk at the time in order to get back to her.  Our school has also just applied for funding from the federal ICT Innovation Fund 2010 to put into place a PD program for staff.  We hope to be able to introduce them to some new (to them) Web2.0 tools that they can use in class and also be able to follow up by going into the classroom with them as they introduce it to their students.  We’re very excited about our model (I won’t go into too much detail other than to say it’s a vertical continuum which ‘invites’ staff and students from all areas of learning and levels to get involved) and we have our fingers crossed to see whether the funding comes through.

    I’ve known Jenny Sargeant for some time and always found her to be very insightful regarding not only library trends but also technological trends.  As JennyG said  I too don’t think Jenny Sargeant sounds retired yet at all!

    Wordle: LynnsPLNWordle: Technology

  2. Week 6 – Learning and Teaching Tools 2

    June 7, 2010 by Lynn

    It’s been a busy week outside the library with mid-year exams, work experience, careers program, and report writing about to start, and a busy week of PLN learning as well.  So many resources to assess this week and to find a favourite was very hard – where to start?

    Digital Learning Objects in FUSE – overwhelming with an a-z of resources from Aaron Baddeley to Mabo to Zart Art

    Edmodo – similar to the DayMap LMS tool we currently use and perhaps what the Ultranet will be providing for us?

    TeacherTube, edublogs tv, YouTube – who has time to watch television when you have access to these resources

    iTunesU – ingenious way of getting information out to students who are ‘on the go’ – perhaps whilst tackling the weekly ironing I should be listening to “Italian for beginners” instead of Cliff Richard on my ipod!

    Shelfari and LibraryThing – for the likes of me who are always lending out books and forgetting who has them – not a good idea when your daughter wants to read it – now who did borrow that copy of “Alice I have been”?

    100 Incredible and Educational Virtual Tours You Don’t Want to Miss, eField trips, Google Lit Trips – maybe I’ll empty the ‘world trip’ piggybank and buy some chocolate to eat as I work my way through all these from the comfort of home, especially after the tour of Hershey’s.  I did keep checking back on the cranberry bog ‘livecam’ but not much happening this time of year and I always thought they grew on bushes like berries!

    Poll Daddy, Google Forms, Survey Monkey – currently working on a survey on the use of ‘Wikis, Nings & Blogs in the Classroom’  – really had to get the thinking cap on with this one with help from fellow PLN’er and psychology teacher (ie survey expert) Marion and trial a couple of versions ourselves – will post a separate blog/twitter with the link shortly.

    Digital Learning Objects and Virtual Excursions from the SLV – suitable for subjects from Art to Medieval History to Science – hang on must remember to save some chocolate when previewing these too!

    So which was my favourite discovery of the week – well I’d have to say the virtual tours (all of them) which took me to other worlds both in time and distance, and all for the price of a chocolate bar!  Another rewarding week of learning and teaching.

  3. Week 4 – Learning and Teaching Tools 1b

    May 24, 2010 by Lynn

    This week went so quickly with so much to explore that I feel I’ve only just touched the surface of many of these resources and will need to spend alot more time on fully exploring them before I can see their true potential. 

    The use of eBooks is a growing issue and according to this article  I appear to be in the right category for using one!  I would be interested in finding out more about how other school libraries are using them.  We have purchased a Kindle and many staff have borrowed it prior to deciding whether to purchase their own.  I do like the portability of it and the ease of downloading content (albeit Amazon books) but there is still nothing like the smell and touch of a page in your book.  I’m also quite happy to lend one of my books to friends, but would not lend my entire collection at once by giving them my Kindle!

    Moodle is an open source learning management system that supports learning communities with a range of activies and resources.  A great starting point, for smaller school communities, into the world of ICT with a fabulous array of learning tools.  There are some great activities to engage students in their learning and bring some fun into the classroom.

    Evernote is an organisational tool which allows you to ‘save ideas, things you see and things you like’ when browsing on your computer.  You are then able to find them again, from any computer or device that you use.  Information can be categorized and index for ease of use – bit like an online filing cabinet only smaller!  Definately a tool that I would use along with Wallwisher.

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