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  1. Monday ESCape

    July 19, 2010 by Lynn

    I’ve just spent a relaxing hour listening to a new group (new to me that is) called ‘Celtic Woman’ who are about to tour Australia.  A friend of mine is a big fan and passed on the new album for me to listen to some weeks ago now I must admit.  My teenage daughter asked if I’d listened to the CD yet and told me all about them (what a surprise and what eclectic music tastes she has) which has prompted me to get around to listening to them.  I even have the headphones on now as I’m writing this.  Kochie and Mel of  ‘Sunrise’ described them as the “singing version of Riverdance” but they could also be described as the female version of “Il Divo”  I hope you take some time out to relax and enjoy this song (and some beautiful scenery as well).

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