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  1. Week 2 – PLN Development

    May 9, 2010 by Lynn

    Early last year I attended the SLAV conference ‘Perspective on Learning V2’ at which guest presenter Will Richardson encouraged the audience to “dip your toes into Web2.0” during his presentation ‘Network literacy: building passionate learners’ which is available online.  This re-ignited my enthusiam for learning more about a range of social networking tools including Twitter and Nings. I setup my iGoogle page and experimented with a variety of gadgets (widgets) and started my blog ‘Library Lynn’ – having an ‘annus horribilis’ in 2009 also meant having some extra time at home to do this.  I’ve enjoyed connecting with new people and re-connecting with old friends through this PLN over the past two weeks.  However I am finding it hard to do any VicPLN reading during work time and I have also been very busy with after school meetings and activities.  It’s now Sunday evening and I’m furiously trying to catch up before Week 3 work arrives on Tuesday.  So with flowers and wine on bench, licorice bag nearby and Cliff Richard music in my ears (in between listening to PLN links of course) and all thanks to my lovely daughter – I’m more than happy this Mother’s Day evening !   And “yes Marion”, I’m definately very task orientated!

  2. Week 1 – “Blogs, blogging alliance and setting up your PLN”

    May 2, 2010 by Lynn

    Well after a few weekend gliches with my internet connection, the excitment of a Year 10 Formal and all the many jobs that get left for the weekend,  I have finally managed to get my PLN blog up!

    I have  been “dipping my toes into Web2.0” tools for about 2 years now and I  have now decided to take the ‘plunge’ and ‘dive in the deep end’ by undertaking this 12-week SLAV program.  Up until now I have been exploring, absorbing, using, questioning and sharing with many people both in person and online without really putting a formal name to it – I now know that I have in fact been forming a ‘personal learning network’ all this time.

    I have used a number of the tools listed in the program (and also seen a number of them in action through various presentations, conferences and blogs) and I am looking forward to finding out more about how they can be used.

    In 2009 I held ‘WoW’ (Workshop on Wednesdays) sessions after school for staff interested in finding out a bit more about some of the Web2.0 tools that could be used by them and by their students.  I tried to keep the sessions down to 30minutes and give them the basics of what a particular tool could do, or how it could be used.  Staff were then encouraged to explore these for themselves and a few of them are now being used regularly (iGoogle, Google Reader, Delicious, Wordle).  It has been hard to conduct these sessions this year with changes to the meeting schedule and library staffing.  However I am endeavouring to continue with these this term by changing to Tuesday lunchtimes and also inviting VCE students along – ‘ICTuesdays’ is the new name with format the same!

    I have been fortunate in gaining a lot of support from within my school, as I have explored new web tools, and in return I have tried to share my  findings through a blog Library Lynn.  I have also been following a number of blogs from people who have inspired me in my endeavours  and from whom I continue to learn – Will Richardson, Jenny Luca, Chris Betcher, Lisa Dumicich, Jeff Utecht, Judy O’Connell, Heather Bailie, Tania Sheko and of course the fantastic information shared through Bright Ideas.

    I’m looking forward to sharing a ‘sea’ of knowledge from others engaged in this program over the next 12 weeks as we all find our ‘strokes’!

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