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  1. WWW – Wiki’s, Widgets & Work

    August 8, 2010 by Lynn

    Wiki’s have taken off at MESC this week since the launch of my own wiki ‘Sharing eLearning at MESC’.  I ran an ICTuesday session on the basics of putting together a wiki using Wikispaces and now each AOL (Area of Learning department) is creating a wiki for their staff.  It’s been a flurry of activity as one person in each area puts the basic wiki together and tomorrow (Ultranet day) some time has been put aside for AOL’s to discuss how each will work, the topics (pages) required, and how to join.  Other staff have also got in on the act and are creating them for use with their classes and for particular topics.  It’s fantastic to see all this collaboration and learning happening amongst our staff.  It’s also been great for me to be able to pass on some great online tools. 

    I’ve also been putting together the finishing touches of a presentation I will be making on Web2.0 – it was very hard to narrow it down and keep it interesting.  Time will tell tomorrow so keep your fingers crossed for me – it will be my biggest ICTuesday (even if it is on a Monday) session yet with about 90 staff!  I will post the video and link to Slideshare later in the week – after I’ve previewed and edited! 

    In the meantime I’m off to catch up on my emails, twitter, blogs (seen some great VicPLN final postings already) and anything else that has passed me by this week.

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