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  1. Week 2 – Communication Tools – Twitter

    May 9, 2010 by Lynn

    I was first alerted to Twitter about 2 years ago when two colleagues returned from an eLearning conference and told me about the new ‘it’ tool to use on the internet – well I signed up thinking that we’d ‘twitter’ amongst ourselves and not much else happened!   However this year it seems that Twitter is on everyone’s lips and even more so over the last few weeks after the Catherine Deveney/Logies issue. I do like the format of TweetDeck but will stick to the iGoogle ‘Twitter gadget’ for now – I am still able to ‘list’ followers and identify members of the VicPLN using this. I found the readings this week very informative (note to self -don’t get too distracted by links and stay on task!) and I listed three ideas from the article ‘100 ways to teach with Twitter’ which I could see being good starting points in classes – “Time Tweet” (choosing a character from history, creating a profile for them and ‘tweeting’ in the style and vocabulary of that character); “Micro Write” (progressive collaborative writing of a ‘story’ over a period of time); and “Twitter Pals” (Twitter ‘pen pals’ find out about their culture, hobbies, friends, family, etc.). The other use I could see is perhaps as a tool in place of email for the ClickView exchange network that I belong to – I’d be interested to hear from anyone else in the CV network as to whether we could ‘tweet’ when requesting programs instead of email?

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