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  1. WWW – Wiki’s, Widgets & Work

    August 8, 2010 by Lynn

    Wiki’s have taken off at MESC this week since the launch of my own wiki ‘Sharing eLearning at MESC’.  I ran an ICTuesday session on the basics of putting together a wiki using Wikispaces and now each AOL (Area of Learning department) is creating a wiki for their staff.  It’s been a flurry of activity as one person in each area puts the basic wiki together and tomorrow (Ultranet day) some time has been put aside for AOL’s to discuss how each will work, the topics (pages) required, and how to join.  Other staff have also got in on the act and are creating them for use with their classes and for particular topics.  It’s fantastic to see all this collaboration and learning happening amongst our staff.  It’s also been great for me to be able to pass on some great online tools. 

    I’ve also been putting together the finishing touches of a presentation I will be making on Web2.0 – it was very hard to narrow it down and keep it interesting.  Time will tell tomorrow so keep your fingers crossed for me – it will be my biggest ICTuesday (even if it is on a Monday) session yet with about 90 staff!  I will post the video and link to Slideshare later in the week – after I’ve previewed and edited! 

    In the meantime I’m off to catch up on my emails, twitter, blogs (seen some great VicPLN final postings already) and anything else that has passed me by this week.

  2. Week 2 – Communication Tools – Twitter

    May 9, 2010 by Lynn

    I was first alerted to Twitter about 2 years ago when two colleagues returned from an eLearning conference and told me about the new ‘it’ tool to use on the internet – well I signed up thinking that we’d ‘twitter’ amongst ourselves and not much else happened!   However this year it seems that Twitter is on everyone’s lips and even more so over the last few weeks after the Catherine Deveney/Logies issue. I do like the format of TweetDeck but will stick to the iGoogle ‘Twitter gadget’ for now – I am still able to ‘list’ followers and identify members of the VicPLN using this. I found the readings this week very informative (note to self -don’t get too distracted by links and stay on task!) and I listed three ideas from the article ‘100 ways to teach with Twitter’ which I could see being good starting points in classes – “Time Tweet” (choosing a character from history, creating a profile for them and ‘tweeting’ in the style and vocabulary of that character); “Micro Write” (progressive collaborative writing of a ‘story’ over a period of time); and “Twitter Pals” (Twitter ‘pen pals’ find out about their culture, hobbies, friends, family, etc.). The other use I could see is perhaps as a tool in place of email for the ClickView exchange network that I belong to – I’d be interested to hear from anyone else in the CV network as to whether we could ‘tweet’ when requesting programs instead of email?

  3. Week 1 – “Blogs, blogging alliance and setting up your PLN”

    May 2, 2010 by Lynn

    Well after a few weekend gliches with my internet connection, the excitment of a Year 10 Formal and all the many jobs that get left for the weekend,  I have finally managed to get my PLN blog up!

    I have  been “dipping my toes into Web2.0” tools for about 2 years now and I  have now decided to take the ‘plunge’ and ‘dive in the deep end’ by undertaking this 12-week SLAV program.  Up until now I have been exploring, absorbing, using, questioning and sharing with many people both in person and online without really putting a formal name to it – I now know that I have in fact been forming a ‘personal learning network’ all this time.

    I have used a number of the tools listed in the program (and also seen a number of them in action through various presentations, conferences and blogs) and I am looking forward to finding out more about how they can be used.

    In 2009 I held ‘WoW’ (Workshop on Wednesdays) sessions after school for staff interested in finding out a bit more about some of the Web2.0 tools that could be used by them and by their students.  I tried to keep the sessions down to 30minutes and give them the basics of what a particular tool could do, or how it could be used.  Staff were then encouraged to explore these for themselves and a few of them are now being used regularly (iGoogle, Google Reader, Delicious, Wordle).  It has been hard to conduct these sessions this year with changes to the meeting schedule and library staffing.  However I am endeavouring to continue with these this term by changing to Tuesday lunchtimes and also inviting VCE students along – ‘ICTuesdays’ is the new name with format the same!

    I have been fortunate in gaining a lot of support from within my school, as I have explored new web tools, and in return I have tried to share my  findings through a blog Library Lynn.  I have also been following a number of blogs from people who have inspired me in my endeavours  and from whom I continue to learn – Will Richardson, Jenny Luca, Chris Betcher, Lisa Dumicich, Jeff Utecht, Judy O’Connell, Heather Bailie, Tania Sheko and of course the fantastic information shared through Bright Ideas.

    I’m looking forward to sharing a ‘sea’ of knowledge from others engaged in this program over the next 12 weeks as we all find our ‘strokes’!

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