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  1. Week 5 and a half!

    June 1, 2010 by Lynn

    Why ‘5 and a half’ – well I had to tell someone (everyone) about what a great week I’ve had – oh and what went wrong!

    Firstly I got inspired by the ‘Echuca E-Learning Wiki’ as showcased in Bright Ideas last week and thought it was about time I made one for myself. I wanted to do something similar and incorporate all the links and resources that we have been using in this PLN, as well as others that I have been storing in ‘delicious‘, and share them with our staff. So I thought if ‘wiki’ means ‘quick’ in Hawaiian then how hard could it be!  Well a few hours later and I now have my own wiki ‘eLearning-MESC’ well on it’s way – I’ll give you a sneak preview here as long as you promise to pass on comments both for and against – thank you.

    I now need to revamp the ClickView User’s Group (Vic) wiki that I have been managing (very badly until now I must admit) and hope to get that done this week.  I’ll use Wikispaces for Educators   again which is free for K-12 teachers.

    Next it was on to helping a TPL group of staff set up their own ‘Ning’ for the work they are doing on ‘E5 – Engage’ – sorry can’t show you that one but they are very happy with it – let’s just hope that the fees Ning are about to charge doesn’t affect them. If not maybe we can change them to a wiki – if it’s quicki!!

    Then all the work on ‘Digital Citizenship’ last week was fresh in my mind as I discovered yesterday that we are one of the pilot schools for the ‘Alannah and Madeleine Cybersafety and Wellbeing Initiative’ and we have a committee which I have put my hand up for – thank you Judith and fellow PLN-ers for all your links and resources.

    Today I ran my fortnightly lunchtime ‘ICTuesday’ session and it was a WET one – Wallwisher, Essaymap, Tagxedo – about 30 minutes of fun as we played with these mindmap/brainstorm/revision tools and talked about how the teachers would use them in their health, LOTE, ESL classes.

    So what went wrong – well does anyone use Edublogs? I’ve been trying to embed a video clip into  posts for my other blog ‘Library Lynn’ over the past two weeks and it doesn’t appear to work anymore – Penny kindly tried to help me out late last Friday night (thanks again Penny) but still not happening. The code shows in the ‘HTML’ screen and the image shows in the ‘Visual’ screen, but as soon as I ‘save to draft’ or ‘publish’ it disappears! I have done this quite successfully in the past so am not sure what is going on – any clues welcome. It does work in this blog though and the difference is that this is via ‘globalteacher’ – maybe I need to close/move my other blog.

    So it’s on to Week 6 of the PLN and more ‘Learning and Teaching Tools’ – bring it on I say!

    To finish off watch this clip which came to me via CMIS Evaluation Fiction Focus tonight and it’s ‘LOL’ – see I do know how to embed!

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